Agri Biostimulants

5-6 June, Rome, Italy

Multikraft joins as a Sponsor

Multikraft - Naturally effective.

As an established family company, in close cooperation with our partners we place great value on consultancy and knowledge sharing. Thanks to EM technology (Effective Microorganisms as a general term for microorganisms that are utilised), Multikraft offers ecological products with sustainable benefits for people, animals and the environment.

Throughout the company's history, Multikraft has focused on identifying ecological alternatives and sustainable solutions, initially concentrating on agriculture and animal fodder. Today we take nature as our model, promoting its regeneration and supporting natural processes. The basis for how these processes function are microscopic creatures called microorganisms - in the strictest sense they are the basis of all life.

Thanks to our many years' experience in EM technology, Multikraft offers a high-quality world of products that are used in gardening, agriculture, home and cleaning, animal husbandry, personal hygiene and well-being (water revitalisation, nutritional supplements).